Individual Coaching

Introductory Session

The free 30-minute introductory session is for coach and client to get to know each other, for the coach to understand the client's needs and the client to decide whether coaching is for them.

Enneagram Typing Interview and Personal Report

Many so-called personalised reports are quick, computer-generated reports based on yes/no or multiple choice answers. The Enneangel Enneagram Typing Interview Report is a truly personal report based on your own one-to-one Enneagram typing interview.

The typing interview can take 30-60 minutes - usually about 45 minutes. In it I ask you questions about yourself, then we discuss possibilities for what type you are. This is not always obvious straight away (occasionally it is) and is something only you can really know as you are the only expert on yourself.

Within a couple of days of the interview, you will receive your personal report by email. In the report, I will discuss the types most likely to be you along with my reasons based on the interview. I will talk about the similarities and differences between these types, which can often help to clarify which one you are. I will also cover types I think you can safely rule out.

Premium Coaching Package

Often when people learn about the Enneagram for the first time and discover their own type they think "Wow, this is amazing!" but then don't go any further. The Premium Coaching Package gives you a chance to integrate your newfound Enneagram knowledge into your life and supports you in making the changes you want. It starts with the Enneangel Enneagram Typing Interview and Report, which is followed up by five coaching sessions where you can explore further what it means, how it affects you and what you want to do with the information.

Basic Coaching Package

You might already know your Enneagram type and want to explore how you can use it for personal change. Or you might want coaching on a specific issue which may not be related to your Enneagram type. In which case the Basic Coaching Package is for you. The package consists of five coaching sessions which you can use for either of these purposes.

Single Coaching Session

Sometimes you just want a one-off coaching session. It might be following up on a package with a refresher session or it may be you want a one-off session on a specific issue in your life.

Session Format

Coaching sessions take about 45 minutes and are normally over the phone or Skype, but can be face to face or in Second Life. Likewise the Enneangel Enneagram Typing Interview. All sessions must be paid for in advance.

Group Enneagram Training

The two-day "Introduction to the Enneagram" workshop is suitable for groups of any size to improve team dynamics by learning about each other's different ways of thinking, feeling and acting. It includes lectures, group exercises and breakout discussions. The one-day workshop covers similiar ground but is more of an overview.


Introductory 30-minute sessionFree
Enneangel Enneagram Typing Interview and Report£75
Premium Coaching Package£250
Basic Coaching Package£200
Single coaching session£45
One-day or two-day group workshopsAsk for details.